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Chicago Embarrassed by Red Light Camera Goof
The City of Chicago tickets the owner of a black Saturn for the actions of a black Jetta.

Black Jetta
Calling it an isolated incident, the City of Chicago is quite embarrassed to have sent a video of a black Jetta running the red light at an intersection. That's because the camera issued a ticket in this incident to the driver of a black Saturn.

Apparently the city not only keeps such videos of motorists for more than 2 months, it was willing to email it to a reporter who simply asked for it.

Chicago officials claim this is the first time in 100,000 violations that a mistake has ever occurred. They hope the video isn't used to undermine their program which has issued $9 million in ticket fines.

Article Excerpt:
There was just one little problem. Bransky, the guy who got the ticket, doesn't drive a Volkswagen. He was driving the black Saturn sedan that the video just as clearly shows coming to a full and complete stop behind the white line in a different lane. Whoops! Could it be that the city's vaunted red light cameras are capable of making a mistake? As a matter of fact, yes.
Source: City calls camera mistake 'very much a unique situation' (Chicago Sun Times, 2/14/2005)

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