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Winnipeg Will Drop Cameras if Revenue Drops
Winnipeg, Canada's premier suggests if speed camera revenue continues below estimates, he may drop the program.

Premier Gary Doer
Winnipeg, Canada's 30 speed cameras have generated more than a million dollars each, but that's not as much as Premier Gary Doer expected.

If revenues continue below his estimates, he suggests he may drop the program. "The city can decide tomorrow to withdraw from it. Our legislation permits the city to plug it in, or unplug it as they want."

Winnipeg cameras have been operational since January 2003. Ontario and British Columbia, Canada dropped their photo radar programs after widespread public opposition.

Article Excerpt:
[Premier Gary Doer] also joked that as a politician, getting rid of photo radar would be a popular move with the public.
Source: City can scrap photo radar if revenue too slight: Doer (Winnipeg Free Press, 2/11/2005)

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