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New UK FOIA Law Reveals First Camera Failure
A new law has made it harder to hide failures like Pembrokshire, UK's speed camera that has caused 37 new accidents.

Pembrokshire, Wales
A newspaper in Wales has for some time tried to get accident and speed camera revenue from the government. Under a new freedom of information act, their requests can no longer be refused -- and it's clear what the government wanted to hide.

Pembrokshire has a single speed camera which has raked in GBP300,000 in revenue. In return, there have been 37 more accidents and two additional fatalities.

Article Excerpt:
And the Mercury can reveal that during the time that the camera has been operating, accidents in Pembrokeshire have actually gone up.

There were 381 accidents in 2002 (including six fatal) and 418 in 2003 (including eight fatal).
Source: Speed fines top GBP300k . . . but accidents continue to rise (West Wales Mercury (UK), 1/14/2005)

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