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DC Mayor: New Cameras are For Profit, Not Safety
The District of Columbia mayor wants more traffic cameras to balance the budget. Makes no mention of safety.

DC Mayor Anthony Williams
The surprisingly honest Mayor of Washington, DC, Anthony Williams, wrote a letter last month to a colleague about the urgent need to approve a $14 million contract with ACS for new speed cameras. In it, he writes, "There is an urgent need for the approval of this contract to ensure the continued processing of District tickets and the collection of District revenues." The letter makes no mention of public safety. So far the District cameras have generated $91 million in fines. He is adding 4 new permanent speed cameras, bringing the total to 13 (8 are mobile).

Article Excerpt:
The mayor's letter, which makes no mention of public safety, came as the Metropolitan Police Department moved to expand the automated traffic-enforcement program by adding four new fixed-location speed cameras throughout the District yesterday.
Source: Mayor says traffic cameras needed for revenue - The Washington Times: Metropolitan - January 11, 200 (Washington Times, 1/11/2005)

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