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Ireland: Switch to Metric Speed Limits Comes With Zero Tolerance
The Ireland switches to metric speed limits, with full speed camera enforcement and no transition period.

Bring your metric calculator
The Irish government is likely anticipating a windfall as it changes the nations 36,000 speed limit signs from miles per hour to kilometers per hour. Saying a 2 week "publicity campaign" was sufficient, they will immediately begin zapping confused motorists with speed cameras. After all, who doesn't immediately realize how fast "64.3kph" is? Or "96.5kph", or "48.2kph"? Better get your speedometer upgraded as well.

Article Excerpt:
Speed cameras will be out in force "with immediate effect," he warned.

Drivers have just two weeks to learn the new metric speed limits. Almost five million information leaflets on the changeover are being distributed, 1.6m to homes. Each contains a conversion table for drivers to consult before going on journeys.

Environment Minister Martin Cullen said an intensive campaign over a fortnight was selected as the best method, predicting that "even a recluse" should have the information by then.
Source: No mercy for metric speeders (Irish Independent , 1/7/2005)

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