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Cameras Getting Smaller
New mobile speed camera expands stealth options for police.

MoniSpeed device
The London Daily Telegraph explains the best present to give to your local police chief -- a new stealth speed camera that measures just 6"x3"x8.5". Perfect for those cops who love coming up devious places to hide. Apart from the tripod, the camera itself is very hard to see. The device costs GBP 20,000 and is battery powered. Manufacturer's website

Article Excerpt:
The MoniSpeed hand-held speed camera is part of an armoury of British-made law-enforcement kit awaiting official sanction. It can be used in or out of a police car in any location and is capable of capturing up to 7,000 offences without reloading.
Source: THE GEAR BOX (for police chiefs) (Daily Telegraph (London, UK), 12/4/2004)

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