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ALPR laptop
Minnesota Lawmakers Wants To Audit License Plate Cameras
Minnesota state lawmakers push to update existing audit requirements for police departments using license plate cameras.

House and Senate committees in Minnesota gave a preliminary go ahead to a legislative proposal that would update transparency requirements for agencies that use automated license plate readers (ALPR, known as ANPR in Europe). The measures under consideration would adjust existing law to require law enforcement to report more fully on their use of the devices in a biennial audit.
   The move was inspired by the bipartisan Legislative Data Practices Commission, which reviewed existing law and made ...

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Pennsylvania Turnpike
Trucking, Automobile Groups Team Up Against Pennsylvania Toll Road
National Motorists Association and Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association demand refunds for excessive tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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Corsican speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Wrapped, Painted, Stoned
Stones, spraypaint and trashbags kept speed cameras from operating in France and Italy last week.

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I-64 in Newport News
Motoring Group Asks Feds To Stop Funding Ticket Traps
National Motorists Association urges NHTSA to refuse speed trap funding to cities that fail to adhere to federal speed limit regulations.

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Feds Try To Restore Confidence In Drugged Driver Survey
Government Accountability Office report concludes changes to controversial roadside drug testing program are good enough.

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