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Italian speed camera toppled
Speed Cameras Toppled Worldwide
Multiple speed cameras were knocked out in Italy, Latvia, New Zealand and the UK last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   Vigilantes in Wigan, England, chopped down the speed camera on Whelley last week. Over the last eight months, automated ticketing machines on Spring Road in Kitt Green, Wallgate in Wigan and Warrington Road have also been sabotaged. In Manchester, three speed cameras were also read more >> 

Speed camera faceplant
French Speed Camera Faceplanted
A half-dozen speed cameras were disabled in France last week.

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French Speed Camera blue spraypaint
French Speed Camera Disabled With Paint
Last week was quiet for attacks against speed cameras in Europe.

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Torched speed camera in France
France, Germany, New Zealand, UK Photo Radar Vigilantes Strike
Dozens of speed cameras were taken out across Europe last week.

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Italian speed camera stoned
France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland: Photo Radar Blocked
Automated ticketing opponents throughout Europe took out speed cameras last week with rocks and paint.

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