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DC speed camera
DC Confirms Photo Ticket Payment Optional For Non-Residents
Report from mayor confirms no penalty for nonpayment of Washington, DC red light camera and speed camera tickets for non-residents.

By Richard Diamond
   Only residents of Washington, DC face penalties if they decline to pay red light camera and speed camera tickets mailed from the nation's capital. In a report to DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson last week, Mayor Muriel Bowser confirmed she had failed to convince Virginia and Maryland to sign a reciprocity agreement that would suspend driver's licenses or vehicle registrations in those states over unpaid photo tickets. A DC ordinance gave the m ...

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President Emmanuel Macron
Vigilantes Burned $128 Million In French Speed Camera Profit
Attacks on speed cameras in France slashed speed camera profit by $128 million in 2021.

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Bret L. Lusskin
Florida High Court Hears Complaint Over Red Light Camera Fees
Justices appeared skeptical in Florida Supreme Court hearing that explored mandating refunds for red light camera ticket convenience fees.

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Deviation speed camera
Australia, France, UK: Speed Cameras Blinded
License plate camera involved in accident in England last week. Australian and French vigilantes spraypainted cameras.

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Border Patrol SUV
Vermont Supreme Court Rejects Traffic Stop For Driving While Nervous
Vermont Supreme Court says federal agents may not violate the state constitution when conducting traffic stop and searches.

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