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UK: The 8 Million Dollar Camera
A single camera in Nottinghamshire has racked up $7.95 million US in revenue.

Specs camera
After mailing tickets to 76,000 motorists since 2000, a single camera in Nottinghamshire has racked up £4.2 million ($7.95 million US) in revenue. It accounts for a third of the county's camera income.

An official responsible for this camera told BBC News, "It is an absolute shame really that we're in the position where cameras are hated so much and that people are paranoid that more cameras are being put up."

The camera is a digital SPECS model that uses a time over distance measurement system instead of and not radar to calculate speed.

Article Excerpt:
Alison Richards, from the county's safety camera partnership, said: "We're definitely not cashing in."
Source: Speed camera nets 4.2m in fines (BBC News, 2/18/2005)

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