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Alabama Town Only Tickets Outsiders
A police whistleblower in Rogersville, Alabama uncovers the small town practice of only ticketing non-locals.

Rogersville policeA Rogersville, Alabama police officer who was disciplined for writing a drunk driving ticket to a fellow lawman is now exposing the small town's ticketing practices. Scott Quinnelly says his superiors had instructed him only to ticket outsiders, ensuring a steady stream of revenue without upsetting the local voters.

WAFF-TV counted the number of speeding tickets issued along Highway 72 and confirmed that the instruction is being carried out. From November 16 to December 13, 2005 only one Rogersville driver received a citation. Between December 16 and January 26, 2006, ninety percent of the tickets went to out-of-town motorists.

"Everybody was complaining about the speed trap in Rogersville," Police Chief Ty Barrett told WAFF-TV. "When I got here they did work a lot of traffic. What I'm trying to do is cover all the bases."

Source: For many across the Valley, Rogersville is known as a speed trap (WAFF-TV (AL), 2/23/2006)

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