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Australia: Toll Roads Caught Overcharging Motorists
Drivers in Sydney, Australia were being charged double the correct rate for using toll roads.

Eastern DistributorToll roads in Maryland, California and Texas are not alone in using sensors that lead to the overcharging of some users and false accusations of toll skipping. Evidence surfaced this week showing Australia's Eastern Distributor and M5 toll roads have been billing some drivers more than double the correct rate.

"It's just another example of a blatant rip-off of motorists by toll companies," National Roads and Motorists' Association spokesman Alan Evans told the Daily Telegraph. "Give drivers their money back and compensate them two-fold."

Under certain circumstances, drivers of small cars are being charged at the truck rate of A$8.50 to use the Eastern Distributor, instead of the $4.50 fee appropriate to an automobile. On the M5, some were billed $7.70 instead of the correct $3.30 rate

Spokesmen for the toll roads blame flawed technology that may accidentally charge two smaller cars traveling together past a toll gate at the truck rate.

Source: Toll road users overcharged (Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), 2/21/2006)

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