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UK Point System Draws Attention to Camera Accuracy
A proposed new UK penalty point system would require more accuracy from cameras than they can deliver.

With a single mile per hour standing between one's ability to drive or not, motoring groups have begun to take aim at the ability of speed cameras to measure speed to such a degree of accuracy. The new penalty point system proposed by the UK government creates a situation where 45MPH in a 40MPH zone earns double the penalty points that 44MPH, so that a speed camera that's off by just 2 percent could be responsible for taking away hundreds of drivers' licenses. Current UK government guidelines only require 2MPH accuracy from the devices.

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The Government is consulting on a new system under which drivers caught speeding at 39mph in a 30mph zone would receive only two points and a GBP 40 fine. Those recorded at 40mph to 44mph would get three points and a GBP 60 fine. At 45mph and above, the penalty would be six points and a GBP 100 fine -- leaving drivers recorded at an extra 1mph, or 45mph instead of 44mph, getting double the number of penalty points.
Source: Speed camera errors threaten drivers (London Times (UK), 1/13/2005)

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