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Ohio, North Carolina Suspend New Cameras
The states of Ohio and North Carolina have put new camera enforcement installations on hold.

Ohio/North CarolinaJust as camera manufacturer Nestor trumpets a contract deal with New Bern, NC, a leading state legislator says there will be no approval of their installation while the court case about cameras' constitutionality is pending. Similarly in Ohio, the state department of transportation refuses to sign off on a local city's attempt to put red light and speed cameras on a state highway, citing the need to study "application and effectiveness of these devices as well as the legal and maintenance ramifications of their installations."

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Township Police Chief Joseph Valvano has written to [Ohio] Gov. Bob Taft's office asking that the decision be reconsidered.

The township is suggesting that it be viewed as a pilot program for townships that have state highways running through them, said Brad Peebles, township administrator.
Source: Sylvania Township: Red light camera project on hold (Toledo Blade, 1/13/2005)

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