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Tennessee: Memphis Police Drive With Expired Tags
A significant number of personal automobiles belonging to Memphis police employees have expired registrations.

Memphis police carPolice in Memphis, Tennessee are driving around in cars with expired registration tags even as they issue tickets for the same offense to ordinary motorists. A WMC-TV investigation filmed an employee parking lot of Memphis Police Department filled with cars displaying outdated tags. Six of the cars were confirmed as belonging to police officers and a dozen others had no registration information on file with the Shelby County Clerk's office.

"I can't imagine them just trying to get away with it intentionally like, 'well, I don't have to do it,'" said Police Director Larry Godwin. "I don't think that's the mentality, but I sure don't know why." Godwin promises he will rectify the situation.

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"What's fair is fair," said Charles Bagley after he bought new plates. "I'm a taxpayer, they're taxpayers, so they should be pulled over and judged just as harshly as we are."
Source: Officers driving with expired tags (WMC-TV (TN), 2/2/2006)

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