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Australia: Nineteen Traffic Cameras Go Haywire
Nearly $2 million worth of South Australian speed cameras found to be in need of warranty repair.

Robot GMBH logoAt least nineteen of South Australia's latest, high-tech ticket cameras have been deemed faulty. The devices are offline until German inspectors from Robot GMBH determine whether the units need to be shipped to Europe for repair. The cameras are the dual-mode digital models capable of issuing both speed and red light citations and cost A$100,000 AUD (US $75,000) each. The delay could cost the South Australian government as much as A$20 million in revenue.

In December, Robot suffered another embarrassment by installing speed cameras on the wrong side of the road in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Source: New speed, red light cameras faulty (The Advertiser (Australia), 2/3/2006)

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