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Trenton, New Jersey Police Cars Fail Inspection
Ninety-four percent of Trenton, New Jersey police cars are driven without proper inspection paperwork.

Trenton police carAt least half of the expensive equipment violation tickets issued to Trenton, New Jersey motorists came from police officers who themselves were driving cars unfit for the road. The State Motor Vehicle Commission recently checked 63 of the force's 120 police cars, of which only four were maintained to the standards required of ordinary motorists.

Last year, although 2,974,754 New Jersey residents took their car to be inspected according to the law, Trenton police failed to do with all of their vehicles. As a result, the following problems were uncovered:The failed Trenton police cars will no be removed from the road, despite their need for repair.

Source: 59 city police cars fail inspections (Trenton Times (NJ), 1/13/2006)

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