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Stockton, California Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents
After a year of red light camera enforcement, monitored intersections in Stockton, California are more dangerous.

Stockton crashAfter a year of red light camera use in Stockton, California, monitored intersections are seeing more crashes than ever. The Stockton Recorder newspaper analyzed city statistics and found an eight percent increase in collisions at the seven intersections with cameras since the devices went live in November 2004. Although two intersections saw a drop in accidents, massive accident spikes at others drove the accident rate higher. All together, in 2004 there were 90 accidents compared with 97 a year later.

Despite the lack of positive safety results, the city added two additional cameras last month and is planning to install seven more. The system generated more than $5 million in revenue from the fifteen-thousand $338.50 tickets it has issued so far. The money is split between the city, county, state and Australian camera vendor Redflex which is in charge of the program.

Source: They'll be watching you (Stockton Record (CA), 12/27/2005)

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