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Sydney: Zero Tolerance for Motorists, Not for Faulty Camera
A camera in Sydney, Australia is clearly malfunctioning, but the government refuses to question the fines it has already issued.

Sydney Opera HouseWhen a motorist makes a mistake in Sydney, Australia, the attitude is "zero tolerance." Although the government has just now admitted that a speed camera caught flashing motorists traveling within the speed limit in July was faulty, the government insists everything is fine and refuses to refund the 233 tickets it issued while on the fritz. A police officer had noticed the flashing and tested the camera against his handheld radar gun determined the camera was malfunctioning. A subsequent investigation concluded that the pavement sensors (yet again) were the cause of failure, but that is no consolation to those caught by this device. There is no zero tolerance policy for faulty cameras.

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PROOF a speed camera malfunctioned is unlikely to save 233 motorists in Sydney from traffic fines.

The camera on Sydney's Carlingford Road was shut down on July 19 after police noticed its flash was activating when cars travelling within the speed limit passed by.
Source: Camera does lie, but you still pay (Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), 1/11/2005)

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