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Malaysia: Motorists Ignore Vigilante Camera Tickets
Less than ten percent of Malaysian motorists are paying traffic tickets based on photographs uploaded to the Internet.

Alleged traffic violationLess than ten percent of Malaysian motorists who have received vigilante camera tickets have paid up. The Road Safety Department has mailed out 84 vigilante citations based solely upon photographs that anyone can upload to a government website and only eight have paid the fine so far. The Road Transport Department says the remaining motorists won't be able to renew their automobile registration unless they pay up. A RM300 late fee will also kick in at the end of the month.

A fresh batch of 200 vigilante tickets based on Internet submissions has just been mailed. The Malaysian government's "Hall of Shame" website has experienced heavy traffic as the idea that anyone can issue traffic citations to friends, enemies and strangers has become popular.

Source: Motorists ignore fines (New Straits Times (Malaysia), 11/18/2005)

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