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Switzerland: Man Sets Speed Camera Record
Man sets off speed camera in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland four times in less than two minutes.

KreuzlingenThe deterrence value of speed cameras has been called into question as a 40-year-old Turkish man set off the same Swiss speed cameras four times in the space of less than two minutes. The camera, located in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, generated $750 in fines in just 1 minute and 37 seconds, equivalent to the rate of $28,000 per hour.

The Turk drove his BMW past the camera at 36.6 MPH in a 31 MPH speed zone. The flash of the camera confused the man because it was coming from a traffic light, so he quickly turned around to see what it was -- at 39 MPH. This was followed by 47 and 42 MPH passes.

The Swiss-German police intend to add an extra fine because the man was not wearing a seatbelt in his photographs.

Source: Speeding driver is trapped four times by same camera in 1 min 37 sec (London Telegraph (UK), 11/18/2005)

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