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Scotland: Mom Jailed Over Old Speeding Ticket
A Scottish mother was held for two days separated from her children and family over a speeding ticket she had paid in 2003.

Scottish prisonAberdeen, Scotland resident Michelle Keating, 43, was jailed for two days last week over a speeding ticket that she received two years ago. Keating, a mother of four children, was stopped at a license-check roadblock Thursday where police took her into custody claiming that she would need to see a judge. While incarcerated on Thursday and Friday, police refused to allow her any contact with her husband or children who had come to visit.

In 2003, Keating was ticketed for speeding as she rushed her husband Christopher to the airport. She accepted responsibility and sent payment soon after. Since she never was notified further regarding the matter, she assumed it had been settled. Instead, North Lincolnshire magistrates had issued a warrant for her arrest without attempting to contact her.

"The application of the law regarding speeding is out of control, said Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign. "It isn't making the roads safer. It's damaging the police-public relationship and it is causing needless hardship for millions of responsible motorists."

The Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop charges against Keating last week.

Source: OUTRAGEOUS ARREST FOR SPEEDING, CLAIM (Scunthorpe Telegraph, 11/14/2005)

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