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Car Stolen: Camera Tickets Mean Owner Loses License
Australian man loses his license because a car thief got four speed camera tickets with his car.

Datsun 120It is bad enough to have your car stolen, but an Australian man had insulted added to injury when the thief blasted past four speed camera tickets in a row. That caused enough points that the police will now take away his license. The man initially called the police when the car was stolen, but did not go through the hassle of filling out the paperwork since the car was an old Nissan worth only $200. Perhaps the thief wasn't really speeding like that other famous old Nissan.

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A spokesman for Treasurer Michael Egan said the Infringement Processing Bureau
could not waive the fines because Mr Beeby had not offered sufficient proof to
back his story.

He said the police had no record of the report or of officers visiting the

He said court was the best place to resolve the issue because a magistrate
would be able to rule on the matter.
Source: Horse trainer bucks at four speeding fines (Central Coast Express Advocate (Australia), 12/30/2004)

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