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Wisconsin City Defends Tickets for Unmarked Handicapped Spots
Madison, Wisconsin defends its right to issue parking tickets to cars in spots with no visible handicapped restriction signs.

Unmarked parking spotMadison, Wisconsin is defending in court its right to issue parking tickets in handicapped spots that are not clearly marked. The city has filed an appeal against Caralynn Knutson, the mother of an autistic son and brother of a paralyzed man. She was accused six months ago of parking in a handicapped space, even though the original pavement markings had worn off and the restriction sign wasn't visible from the parking spot itself.

A municipal court agreed, finding her not guilty and opening the possibility that hundreds of other handicapped spots across the city are not properly marked.

"I felt, wow, this is great," Knutson told WKOW News. "I am glad, finally, someone neutral agreed and saw the situation for what it really was."

Except the city has appealed because it does not want to pay to repost signs in such a way that the handicap restrictions are clearly marked. Losing the case could jeopardize future revenue from the $100 citations issued to those parking in handicapped spaces without the proper permit.

Source: Parking Ticket Fight Could Cost Thousands in Long Run ( WKOW-TV (Madison, Wisconsin), 10/28/2005)

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