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UK and Australia: Two Cameras Destroyed
Attacks have disabled a pair of cameras in Weston-super-Mare, UK and the Moonee Valley, Australia.

Attacks have put a pair of speed cameras -- one in Australia, one in the UK -- out of commission. A Weston-super-Mare camera on Herluin Way had to be removed Monday for £10,000 in repairs following a vigilante attack that Avon and Somerset Safety Camera Partnership believe had damaged the device's internal electronics. Camera in the same location have been torn down and replaced several times in the past.

At 2:30pm on October 14 a young man used a steering wheel lock to smash a speed camera on Rachelle Rd in the Moonee Valley, Australia. A civilian camera operator witnessed the attack, but did not intervene. He described the man responsible as being in his early twenties wearing jeans and a off-white T-shirt with a yellow horizontal stripe. The contractor estimates it will cost A$40,000 to repair the damage.

Source: Vigilantes 10k attack on camera (Western Daily Press (UK), 10/25/2005)

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