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UK: Speeders Given Chocolates
Those caught speeding in North Worcestershire, UK will get chocolates, not tickets, during a special recruitment drive.

ChocolatesAs part of a recruitment drive, North Worcestershire, UK police are handing out chocolates and balloons to speeders instead of tickets in the Wyre Forest district.

"We hope it will encourage people to think not only about speed and road safety related issues but also about becoming a Special," North Worcestershire Specials Commandant Chris Cookson told the Express and Star. Specials are part-time volunteers who wear a uniform and carry full police powers while doing support work for paid police officers.

Previous police campaigns offered lollipops to late-night party goers to highlight the dangers of alcohol. The town's mayor, Peter Dyke, calls the idea "daft."

Source: Speeders to be handed chocolates (Express and Star (UK), 10/25/2005)

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