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Boston Police Chief Cranks Up Ticket Quotas
Boston Police superintendent orders massive increase in the number of parking and traffic citations to bolster revenue.

Superintendent Robert DunfordClaiming it is not a ticket quota, Boston, Massachusetts Police Superintendent Robert Dunford is telling officers that they must boost the number of parking and traffic citations. Boston's police department is facing severe monetary troubles and has had to cut back on patrols. Dunford issued his new directive to police captains on Thursday.

"This is just basic community policing," Dunford told the Boston Globe. He explained how he would visit each police district and punish supervisors if he found unticketed cars on the street.

Last year, the force issued an average of 9867 traffic tickets per month. This year, the force has increased the number of citations by five percent to an average of 10,332. This is insufficient for Dunford, who says that he monitors the ticket numbers on a daily basis.

Source: Police warned to ticket drivers - The Boston Globe (Boston Globe, 10/22/2005)

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