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Fairfax, VA Longer Yellow Yields 96 Percent Violation Reduction
Increasing yellow signal duration at a Fairfax, Virginia intersection results in 96 percent drop in violations.

National Motorists AssociationExtending the duration of the yellow signal at an intersection in Fairfax, Virginia resulted in a huge drop in the number of red light camera violations. Specifically, the yellow light at the intersection of US50 and Fair Ridge Drive increased by 1.50 seconds, which resulted in a 96 percent drop in citations.

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This increase in yellow time from 4.00 seconds to 5.50 seconds resulted in a 96% drop in citations, less than one per day, at this red light camera enforced location.

Article Excerpt:
This experience should prove to any skeptic that sound engineering practices, not only work, but are preferable to exploiting motorists through the use of ticket cameras and related automated enforcement devices.
Source: Red Light Citations Drop Below One Per Day (National Motorists Association, 7/12/2001)

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