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Cleveland to Install Red Light Cameras -- After the Election
The Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio is waiting until after her election to implement a red light camera program to make up for a budget shortfall.

Mayor Jane CampbellA majority of those who expressed an opinion about the planned installation of red light cameras in Cleveland, Ohio opposed their use, according to a Cleveland Plain Dealer poll. Forty-nine percent did not want the devices, while 40 percent supported them. Given the system's unpopularity, Mayor Jane Campbell has decided to wait until November 15, one week after she expects to be re-elected for a second term, to put it in place.

Under the new five-year contract, the camera program will issue tickets of up to $200 to produce $21 million for the city and $16.5 million for Dallas-based ACS which will run the program.

In January, Mayor Campbell introduced the red light camera concept as a means of closing a $3.6 million shortfall in the annual budget.

Source: Red-light runners: Get ready to stop it (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/26/2005)

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