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Chicago Crossing Guards to Give Jaywalking Tickets
Part-time traffic control aides in Chicago, Illinois will soon issue tickets up to $500 to jaywalkers.

Chicago streetsChicago's city council will consider a proposal to allow employees of the Traffic Management Authority to issue jaywalking tickets worth $25 to $500 each. The move comes as the city takes a number of steps to close a massive $104 million budget deficit. Jaywalking tickets have become an increasingly popular tactic for city officials. Police in St. Louis, Missouri, for instance, raised $1600 an hour from a recent undercover jaywalking sting.

Mayor Richard M. Daley created the Traffic Management Authority last year to relieve Chicago police officers of traffic control and crossing guard duties in favor of part-time "traffic control aides" and to reduce costs. The Authority currently employs 303 aides who have successfully completed a 20-hour training course.

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Kelly Haufe, a 41-year-old paralegal, blamed crossing guards when asked why she continues to cross against the light. "When it's a green light and you do get a walk [signal], the crossing guards are actually stopping you and letting everybody else turn. When it finally does start blinking, 'Don't Walk,' I say, 'Wait a minute. I had the walk, and you told me to stop. Now I've got the 'Don't Walk,' and you're telling me to stop. I'm going,'" she said.
Source: Pedestrians better see red (Chicago Sun-Times, 9/22/2005)

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