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Philadelphia Meter Maids Give Tickets for Missing Tags
Legally registered drivers are receive the majority of tickets from meter maids issuing tickets for missing registration stickers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia car ticketedPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania motorists accustomed to keeping their registration stickers in their glove box to foil tag thieves are getting $100 citations. The Philadelphia Parking Authority has announced that meter maids will be out in force to begin a second wave of registration ticketing.

During the first wave, which lasted just three weeks in July, meter maids issued $2,000,000 worth of tickets. Two-thirds of these citations were canceled after motorists took the trouble to prove that their automobiles were, in fact, legally registered.

"I moved to Philadelphia in 1991, and for several years, I would put the registration sticker on my license plate and every year, it would be ripped off or clipped off," one ticket recipient, Becca Bernstein, told the Philadelphia Daily News. "I asked a police officer what I should do. He advised me not to put the sticker on my license plate."

Source: Sticker shock (Philadelphia Daily News, 9/13/2005)

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