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California: Indian Wells Red Light Cameras Don't Work
Contract problems have turned off red light cameras in Indian Wells, California for the past 14 months.

Indian WellsThe California desert resort town of Indian Wells has the greatest per capita number of millionaires in the country, and the city has used a trio of red light cameras to tap into this wealth. The devices have generated some $1.6 million in ticket revenue -- $420 per resident -- since 2000 when they were installed and 2004 when they were shut off without notice to the public. Because of construction at some of the locations and an undisclosed conflict in the city's contract with camera operator ACS, the devices have been idle for the past fourteen months.

Accidents in Indian Wells jumped significantly since the devices were installed five years ago. In 2000, there was only one collision in the city. In 2001, there were three. In 2002 and 2003, there were five. These figures do not include rear end collisions.

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"As it relates to the red light issue, we haven't ramped up or increased our patrol," said Lt. Greg Ammons with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. "These red lights themselves still have working, functioning red light symbols themselves."
Source: Indian Wells traffic cams haven't been working for months (KESQ-TV (Palm Springs, CA), 8/25/2005)

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