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Malaysia: First Vigilante Camera Tickets Issued
Anyone with a camera can issue a photo enforcement ticket in Malaysia as police issue the first forty citizen tickets.

Alleged traffic violationMalaysia's Road Safety Department announced today that it has issued the first forty traffic tickets based solely on camera phone and other photographs uploaded by ordinary citizens to a police "Hall of Shame" website that opened last month. The site allows anyone to send in a photo that the police will use as evidence to ticket the owner of the vehicle shown.

"Dark Tinted Glass and fancy number plate, when I overtook him, he was also on the phone without handsfree, FINE THEM!!" read one typical entry. Overall, eighty percent of the photos were of alleged parking violations. Of moving violations, the most popular was driving on the road shoulder to avoid a traffic jam.

The New Straits Times reports that Bar Council chairman Yeo Yang Poh approved the use of uploaded photographs for the purposes of issuing citations. "There is nothing wrong in commissioning motorists to take pictures of other motorists committing traffic offences," Poh said. "But the evidence should be processed thoroughly."

The website has experienced double the expected amount of traffic as the idea that anyone can issue traffic citations to friends, enemies and strangers has become popular.

Source: GOTCHA!: 40 errant motorists to face the music soon (New Straits Times (Malaysia), 8/22/2005)

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