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Aussie Cops Skip Own Speed Cam Fines
Australian cops caught by speed camera don't pay the fine.

Australian copUnlike 393,778 ordinary drivers who have contributed $53 million to the Australian government, cops flashed by speed cameras were found not to have paid any fine at all. The Daily Telegraph used a Freedom of Information Act request to find that 94% of cops get off, even though they weren't responding to an emergency.

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An investigation by The Daily Telegraph has shown that of 171 police fleet vehicles recorded by fixed speed cameras exceeding limits without reasonable excuse, only 10 so far have been required to pay their infringement notice after appeals were lodged....
The handful of police required to pay their fines is in contrast to the 393,778 ordinary drivers zapped for speeding in 2003-04, which generated more than $53 million in fines.
Source: Speeding police slow to pay fines (The Daily Telegraph (Australia), 12/31/2004)

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