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Somerville, New Jersey: Speed Bump Destroyed
Residents in Somerville, New Jersey are voting with crowbars regarding speed bumps.

Destroyed speed bumpA "traffic calming" measure has enraged at least one resident of the central New Jersey town of Somerville. In the early morning hours on Friday, a motorist damaged a newly installed speed bump on Mountain Avenue as he tried to pry it out of the ground. Officials estimate the damage at $1000.

"Someone is voting with their crowbar," Somerset County Engineer Michael Amorosa told the Courier-News.

A number of residents had complained about the traffic calming in meetings announcing the new measures. Police have no suspects.

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An earlier experiment with temporary traffic calming on Mountain Avenue also inspired some vehicular violence. Officials who were considering using "bump outs," extensions of the sidewalk and curb that stick out into the street to force drivers to slow down. County officials put traffic cones and barrels on Mountain Avenue last year to test the design's effectiveness, Amorosa said.
Source: Speed hump a victim of hit-and-run (Bridgewater, NJ Courier-News, 8/7/2005)

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