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Maryland Tracking Speed With E-ZPass System
Maryland E-ZPass users will receive a speed warning notice in the mail for driving 15 MPH through a toll booth.

E-ZPass LogoHundreds of motorists who use electronic E-ZPass transponders to pay road tolls in Maryland are getting a surprise "Notice of Warning: Speed Violation" in the mail. A new Violation Processing Center in Baltimore has quietly begun mailing the notices to anyone driving through an unattended toll plaza at 5 MPH above the limit -- which is usually just 10 MPH.

E-ZPass is a transponder box that allows motorists to pay tolls electronically without having to stop at a booth. Most motorists who have signed up for the program are not aware that the system has been tracking their speed. The Maryland Transportation Authority is threatening to revoke the E-ZPass transponders of those repeatedly driving through the toll plaza at 15 MPH. The system is not currently issuing fines for speeding on toll roads.

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"It's a cheap speed-trap aimed at unsuspecting motorists who are being cited for violating a speed limit that is difficult to obey and posted so you don't see it until they already gotcha," stated Chuck Jackson, President of Citizen Advocates for Safe & Efficient Travel, a recipient of a warning. "On one hand the state is asking us to buy these gadgets to help expedite the flow of traffic, then on the other hand, nails us for doing it. We recognize the need for toll facility safety, however, this is nothing short of harassment," Jackson added.
Source: EZ Pass Speed Trap (WJZ-TV, 7/16/2005)

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