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Australia Pays $26 Million for Bogus Camera Tickets
The Australian government begins making payments to individuals wrongly accused of speeding by photo radar cameras.

1975 Datsun 120YThe camera never lies? Tell that to the 209 drivers who lost their licenses from speed cameras tickets issued by machines that the Australian government had admitted were faulty. The government has begun to make compensation offers to these victims. An additional 165,000 motorists will receive refunds for the amount they paid in tickets. Recall that the only reason these faults were discovered was a 1975 Datsun was ticketed for traveling a speed faster than it could possibly have driven.

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The Department of Justice has sent formal letters offering compensation payouts to 209 drivers who applied for ex gratia payments for loss of income as a result of having their licences suspended after being caught speeding by the faulty cameras.
Source: Payouts to 209 drivers (Sunday Age (Australia), 12/26/2004)

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