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South Australia: Speed Cameras Used on Safe Roads
Speed cameras are more often found on safe roads than dangerous roads in South Australia.

Michelle LensinkOpposition leaders in the South Australian Legislative Council have shown that speed cameras are being used far more frequently on safe roads than they are on dangerous roads. Police figures released during questioning in parliament show that in three years, cameras were used on the region's most dangerous road only thirteen times.

Two additional examples provide the contrast. A road without a speed camera, King William Rd at North Adelaide, had 100 injury accidents. A road where speed cameras were used eighty times, Fiveash Drive south of Adelaide, had only eleven injury accidents, none of which were fatal.

In response to this information, Liberal Member of the Legislative Council Michelle Lensink said, "The Government clearly is using areas where people are known to speed to raise revenue."

In the first six months of last year, speed cameras in the region issued 32,750 tickets generating AUD $3,516,871 in revenue. From March 2002 to January 2005, irate Australians attacked nine speed cameras causing $18,710 in damage.

Source: Cameras don't target worst danger spots (Advertiser (Australia), 7/7/2005)

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