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France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Decorated, Destroyed
Vigilantes around the world kept automated ticketing machines from functioning last week in a number of creative ways.

Decorated French speed cameraIn Camiers, France, vigilantes used lawn decorations to keep the speed camera on the RD940 from issuing tickets last week Monday. According to France 3, a garden gnome, plastic stork, and a woman holding a vase were taped to the automated ticketing machine. Another camera on the same road had a triangular road hazard sign with an exclamation point covering its lenses. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RN102 in Saint-Georges-d'Aurac was destroyed by fire, Le Progres reported. In Montbenoit, vigilantes on Friday used yellow spraypaint to keep the speed camera on the RD437 from issuing tickets, acccording to Est Republicain. On Saturday, black spraypaint was used on the speed camera on the RD683 in Amagney, Est Republicain reported. Black spraypaint was also used to disable the speed camera on the RD103 in Yssingeaux on Wednesday, according to La Commere 43. The same automated ticketing machine was attacked last June.

In Empoli, Italy, vigilantes on Thursday set fire to a speed camera, according to La Nazione.

In Poole, England on Tuesday last week, vigilantes set fire to the speed camera on Blandford Road in Hamworthy, the Bournemouth Echo reported.