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France, Germany: Speed Cameras Bugged, Burned
Vigilantes and insects teamed up to disable speed cameras throughout Germany and France last week.

RD810 speed camera
In Schwerte, Germany, a beetle crawled through the vents of a speed camera on Tuesday and caused a short circuit. According to a news release from Unna district officials, the automated ticketing machine on the B236 began flashing every passing motorist, regardless of speed. Officials insisted no fines would be issued from the device until it is repaired. In Memmingen, a vigilante threw an ax into the hood of a speed camera car on Friday evening as the vehicle sat on the side of Allgauer Strase issuing tickets. Polizei Bayern estimate the damage at 1000 euros (US $1130). Although officials do not know who might be responsible, they are seeking to pin the blame for the attack on the driver of an Audi A6 who flipped off the camera earlier that day.

Vigilantes destroyed a speed camera in Marseille, France last week Sunday. According to La Provence, there was nothing left of the device beyond charred wreckage after the attack. On the same day in Bidart, the speed camera on the RD810 was demolished after it failed to prevent an accident, Sud Ouest reported. In Yssingeaux, vigilantes covered the lenses of the speed camera on the RD103 with black spraypaint. According to La Commere 43, the message "enough" was painted on the front of the device.

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