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Marysville, California's $10-Million Camera Knocked Over
Man claims destruction of high-profit red light camera in Marysville, California was an accident.

Marysville CameraAfter just one month of issuing tickets, Marysville, California's lone, high-profit red light camera has been knocked out of commission. The device had generated $711,550 in revenue in its first 18 days of operation, meaning the city was on track to generate $10 million from the device over the course of a year.

Rio Oso resident Joe Cabral has stalled the city's revenue plans. While returning from Home Depot in his Ford F250 pickup, he lost control of his flatbed trailer loaded with paving stones. The trailer cut loose, knocked over the camera and came to a stop without doing further damage.

Police say it will take weeks to replace the camera, meaning as much as a million dollars in lost revenue from the camera.

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"Hopefully this doesn't turn into a big, ugly thing," said Joe Cabral of Rio Oso, owner of the runaway flatbed trailer. "Somebody could have been hurt."
Source: Trailer breaks red light camera (Marysville Appeal-Democrat (CA), 7/2/2005)

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