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California Town's $10 Million Red Light Camera Bonanza
In less than a month, a single red light camera brings in enough profit to cover a quarter of Marysville, California's budget deficit.

Marysville sealIn just 18 days of operation, Marysville, California's lone red light camera has pulled in $711,550 in revenue. That's good news to a city facing a $1 million deficit, especially since the city is on track to pull in more than $10 million if it continues issuing tickets at that rate. The city denies the camera was installed to make money and plans to set up four more this year.

Between June 1 and June 19, the camera at the intersection of Third and F has issued 2,033 tickets -- 78 per day -- each worth $350, for $27,300 in daily revenue. Even after Australian contractor Redflex and the State of California take their cut of the revenue, the city is left with $275,000 net profit.

The vast majority of tickets issued by the Marysville camera are for people who turn right at a red light without coming to a complete stop. Although this is a technical violation of California law, according to NHTSA statistics, it is not a significant cause of fatal accidents.

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Maria Rodriguez, 33, who met with Hauck on Wednesday to contest her ticket, said enforcing so many right-on-red turns is ridiculous. "It just seems like a technicality, like the city's trying to make money off of this," she said.
Source: Red light camera is boon for Marysville (Marysville Appeal-Democrat (CA), 6/30/2005)

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