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Top UK Road Map Now Shows Camera Locations
UK's popular road atlas now shows the location of speed cameras.

AA Road AtlasThis week the 2006 AA Road Atlas, UK's most popular road map, added 3,000 black and white camera symbols to mark the location of fixed speed cameras so that motorists would be aware of their presence when driving. Three million British drivers are fined every year by these devices, with last year's revenue exceeding £112.2 million (US $212 million).

"Adding cameras to the road atlases is simply a response to a market demand," said Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign. "Drivers need to know where cameras are to protect their licences and their livelihoods. The real tragedy is that Government strategy has forced drivers to expend considerable mental energy in knowing camera locations. That same mental energy should instead be used to drive safely."

Source: The road atlas that's putting speed cameras on the map (Daily Mail (UK), 6/27/2005)

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