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Record Profit for Washington, DC Cameras
May speed camera profits reach a record $2.58 million.

DC cop carWashington, DC speed cameras pulled in an all-time high $2.58 million profit in the month of May according to the latest Metropolitan Police Department statistics. The majority of the speeding fines, 76 percent, were for driving between 11 and 15 MPH above the speed limit. Red light camera income pushes the city's total take for the month beyond $3 million.

The monthly figures are sure to increase as revenue comes in from a new red light camera and five speed cameras added this month. By year's end, the District will add two more mobile cameras and 10 red light cameras.

As of May, the District had issued 1,906,626 photo tickets worth $39,744,300 in revenue from red light cameras and an estimated $99 million in speed cameras for a total of $139 million since the program began in 1999. The city has a population of 560,000.

Source: Record haul by speed cameras (Washington Times, 6/27/2005)

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