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UK: Jail Time for Parking Near Speed Camera
Police threaten UK man with jail time for parking legally next to a speed camera.

Glen SouthernUK Police are threatening Glen Southern with serious charges for the crime of parking his work van next to a mobile speed camera. If convicted, the 38-year-old carpenter could spent a month in jail and pay a £1000 (US $1800) fine, even though he was legally parked in a valid space.

Southern pulled into the only open spot remaining in the Burghfield Village Store parking lot -- the one next to a mobile speed camera van police were using at the time.

Southern, on a job at the time, refused to move his van since his spot was valid and there was nowhere he could move. A fixed speed camera was already operating 100 yards away from the store parking lot.

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"The police officer told me to move my van. The car park was full and I explained why I was parked there and I said I didn't see why I should move my van because I had a perfectly legitimate reason to park there" [Southern said.]
Source: Parking by speed van could mean jail (Reading Evening Post (UK), 6/8/2005)

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