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A Single London Street: Cameras Issue $4.7 Million in Parking Tickets
On a single London street, parking ticket cameras generate $4.7 million in annual revenue. Meter maids generate another million.

Atlantic RoadParking ticket cameras in London issued £2.6 million (US $4.7 million) on a single street in the past 12 months.

A Freedom of Information Act investigation by the London Evening Standard found that Atlantic Road in Brixton generated the greatest parking ticket revenue of any street in London. Cameras accounted for 82% of the parking citations, the remainder issued by meter maids amounting to £543,000 (US $984,000).

Local businesses are forced to raise their prices because delivery vans add the regular cost of tickets to their fees. Area shops also complain of loss of business as residents avoid the area.

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A Council spokesman said... "Attacks on wardens became such a serious issue along this road they had to patrol in pairs or be accompanied by police."
Source: 3m of parking fines in one street (Evening Standard (UK), 6/2/2005)

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