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Individuals Fight Back Against Parking Tickets
Canadian website, UK businessman fight back against parking tickets designed to generate revenue.

Matt DaviesMatt Davies and David Cassidy are fed up with parking tickets they see as nothing more than city revenue raisers. Davies, a Toronto Canada resident, has set up a website to help people fight the system. Cassidy, a Nelson, UK businessman, is banning meter maids from his restaurant.

The Toronto government requires anyone who wants to fight a parking ticket to request a hearing date in person. Davies set up a website to allow people to fight avoid the hassle of a trip to city hall. will request a hearing date for anyone paying $3 (US $2.37).

Toronto issues 3 million parking citations a year, only three percent of which are contested. Davies wants to increase the number of challenges to the point where courts are jammed.

"Jamming the courts for years will choke the flow of parking ticket revenue to the City," Davies explains. "This will force a change in the system, and will cause most of the contended tickets to be dismissed."

Cassidy, likewise, wants to do his part to fight unjust parking tickets that have affected his business. He has placed a sign reading, "Traffic wardens not welcome" in the window of his establishment, Aroma's Cafe. Cassidy says that he is fed up with meter maids scaring away customers.

"My sign has had a fantastic response from customers," he told Pendle Today. "People have been chuckling and swapping their stories."

Before putting up the sign, meter maids would often stop at the cafe for lunch.

Source: Taking ticket rage to the streets (National Post (Canada), 5/27/2005)

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