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UK: Simultaneous Tickets Prove Meter Maid Cheating
A man would have to be in two places at once if tickets from Islington, UK are accurate.

Islington meter maidColin Southwell received two tickets in the mail from Islington, UK but there is no way that he could be guilty of both offenses. The first £100 citation notice was for riding in a bus lane at 9:47 am. The second £100 ticket was for parking at an expired meter at 9:48 am. Southwell admits to the bus lane violation and that he was parked at the second location, but he distinctly remembers retrieving his car before the meter expired. The fact is, there is no way he could have driven from the bus lane to the parking spot in one minute -- it takes five.

"It was obvious the minute I opened the two separate envelopes, which arrived at the same time, that someone was trying to cheat and it wasn't me," Southwell told the Evening Standard.

Islington cancelled the parking ticket, but Southwell is calling for an investigation.

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"Clearly, a parking attendant thought he could get away with noting down my car's details and issuing a fine after I left, in the belief I'd simply forget when the fine came through the post, assume I had made a mistake and pay up.
Source: Fined for being 'in two different places at the same time' (Evening Standard (UK), 5/25/2005)

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