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Another London Ticket Given for a Future Offense
Another London, UK camera ticket for speeding in in the future shows the error is not just an isolated occurence.

Notice of Intent to ProsecuteDespite London's police force claim that speed camera tickets given to motorists for future offenses were a mistake and "an isolated occurrence," others are falling victim to this error. Matthew Smith received a ticket in the mail on April 12 for an offense the government claimed it had photographic evidence that he would commit three days later.

"I thought who ever sent this letter was an idiot because of the simple date error," said Smith who has been a motorcycle courier for the past fifteen years without a single speeding citation on his record.

The police letter dated April 11 claimed his motorcycle would be clocked at 39 MPH in a 30 MPH zone on Kennington Park Road on April 15. Although police dropped charges after Smith appealed, Smith asked, "Why didn't the police get their facts right before sending me a NIP [Notice of Intended Prosecution]?"

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