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Australia: Top Traffic Camera Cop Bought Stock in Camera Company
A top New South Wales police official is accused of conflict of interest for buying shares in Australian photo enforcement company.

Superintendent John HartleyThe opposition party in New South Wales, Australia is calling for a new conflict of interest investigation of police traffic services commander Superintendent John Hartley. Hartley is accused of buying stock in Redflex, the Australian camera company, in June 2003 while he was in charge of the state's traffic enforcement efforts. Hartley claims he did not know Redflex made speed cameras and sold his shares in March 2004. In that time, Redflex revenue grew approximately 60 percent.

Opposition Leader John Brogden questioned Hartley's story yesterday in parliament. "This transcript of a police internal interview reveals that Chief Superintendent Hartley was fully aware of the conflict of interest three days before he purchased the shares," Brodgen said.

An internal police investigation cleared Hartley of wrong-doing with the investigators saying yesterday that the documents mentioned in parliament were "nothing new." Speed cameras generate $1 million in revenue every week for the state.

Source: Traffic cop evidence old: Scully (Australian Associated Press, 5/4/2005)

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