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Greenville, NC Removes Red Light Camera Signs
City admits red light camera program dead for at least a year.

North Carolina Camera WarningThe city of Greenville, North Carolina has now removed the signs it installed to warn motorists about its red light camera program -- a program that never had a chance to get off the ground. In February, the Guilford County court reviewed a nearby city's photo enforcement program and ruled that, according to the state constitution, the proceeds from the program must go to the school system, not to a private contractor. Greenville, however, had cut a deal that would have given the Australian camera company Redflex 94 percent of the revenue from the first 210 tickets issued each month.

Although the city could have kept the program and operated it at a loss, it chose to cancel plans to activate the system pending court challenges. City officials believe it will be at least a year before the court issues are resolved.

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"We didn't want to leave (the signs) up there when we weren't operating the system," [City Attorney Dave Holec] said.
Source: Red-light camera signs removed while system is on hold (Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC), 5/2/2005)

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