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UK Motorists Refuse to Pay Tickets and Win
Motorists refusing to pay unfair tickets forces UK to refund 450 tickets.

Motorist Kevin KiernanWhat do you get when you put a 40MPH speed limit sign in front of a camera set to ticket people driving over 30MPH? In Manchester, UK about 450 people were nailed. Only after refusing to pay the fine did the government yield. One protester said: "Those fines were worth thousands of pounds and no-one might have done anything if we hadn't made a stand."

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Mr Kiernan and dozens of drivers refused to pay after claiming there was an uncovered 40mph sign just in front of the camera. The speed camera was set to 30mph on July 7. A 40mph sign inside the new 30mph zone wasn't apparently painted over until July 10....

[The manager of GMP's central ticket office] confirmed that about 450 people who went through the camera between July 7 and 10 were not now being fined.
Source: Drivers win speed fight (Manchester News, 12/17/2004)

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